What’s this sketch all about?

What A Sketch is inspired by Sketch Cloud, an online shared workspace where you can send Sketch layouts to get them commented and approved. Its purpose is to create a personal workspace to manage the design process of a project.

What A Sketch is powered by WordPress 💪

And how does it works?

Access to What A Sketch requires an account. Once logged in, you have access to your project space (or spaces, there can be more than one) and to the WordPress administration interface. You can then create “groups of mockups” and upload your visuals. You can create as many groups of mockups as you want: sketches, wireframes, layouts, style guides…

It is then possible to have quick previews of the images or detailed views where you can comment. You can have versioning of your groups of mockups to keep all the history on the platform.

The project spaces are not accessible at all without logging in first, so it is possible to create accounts to give access to other people.

Who’s that for?

At the beginning it is a personal project, a home-made alternative to Sketch Cloud 🙂

It’s a tool designed for freelance designers, working alone or in small teams, used to send their work for validation by email or instant messaging. But this tool can also be useful for project managers, who can, by logging in, have an overview of the project progress by following the history of creations.

I decided to open this tool to other designers, the functionalities are quite simple, but I think I’m not the only one who can use it ^^

How do we register?

At the moment the project is being tested, if you’re interested you can contact me 🙂

Why WordPress?

Sometimes criticized in the web development community, WordPress is nevertheless a flexible and powerful solution. We know each other since 2010 so I can not ignore the emotional bond that unites us ^^

Joking aside, my project being relatively simple I think WordPress is the ideal solution, and it is also a small personal challenge to develop such a platform.